Being beautiful on the inside makes you beautiful on the outside

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    What’s been happening recently?

    Dubai is back to work. Only half way through August and Summer is over. Certainly not the heat though; it is still 39 degrees at 6pm. Eid has ended.

    I have a few jobs booked this month which excites me, keep them coming Universe!

    I have created a room to start my YouTube series. How I have been procrastinating about that! Living in a rented house has its issues and makes it less easy to set things up as I’d like.

    Our Canada land is on the market. We have decided to move back to England sometime soon instead. It feels like the right thing to do. My husband’s first reaction was ‘give me a minute to process this change.’

    My flight tickets have arrived for California. I’m off to San Francisco and the Napa Valley on the 8th October.

    Tickets are available from Hall Wines (

    I will meet my son @max_labouchere who will escort me to Napa for the ‘Hall’s High-powered High Heels’ women’s conversation about female empowerment.

    Then onto Los Angeles to meet my husband who will be en route having completed his fifth

    Ironman World Championships in Kona. I’m looking forward to meeting up with some

    grey tribe members along the way.

    My wonderfully unexpected 55th birthday Greek holiday surpassed all the ideas of what it would be like. We didn’t get to see Islands sadly. We had five days and Athens filled that completely. I so look forward to returning and exploring.

    I learnt that travelling with a like-minded morning person is pretty important from the photography point of view.

    And that European tans are very different from Dubai tans.

    Little Merrill has been staying. Mousse’s half sister.

    We have never owned small dogs. This breed has stolen my heart. Mousse fits perfectly with our two Hungarian Vizsla girls. I searched England for this little person two years ago, luckily I found her.

    I feel the Universe is pulling together for my dream of modelling in India. The stars have aligned to introduce me to a top stylist @gautamkalraindia and a top makeup artist


    I’m not sure what will happen next but I’m moving forward.


    When living in India in 1994 I learnt to love this country, it’s people and it’s talent.

    With Gratitude


    Mother of two grown-up children and wife, for nearly thirty years of a now retired, senior British Army officer. Modelling for the first time at the age of 53 she led a full-page campaign in eight editions of British Vogue, and in Tatler, Hello and White Magazines.

    Mother of two grown-up children and wife, for…

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