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    Blinq I-Lash - Vaseline - Huda Beauty - Desavery - Tan-Luxe - Belle Brush - Elizabeth Arden
    Blinq I-Lash - Vaseline - Huda Beauty - Desavery - Tan-Luxe - Belle Brush - Elizabeth Arden

    Blinq I-Lash

    I have been using Blinq for three years or so and expect to be using it for the rest of my life.  It works. It only took a few weeks to see a difference to the length of my lashes.  I only use this on my top lashes as I believe it transfers while I am asleep to my bottom lashes.  I am often asked for this product so always keep a couple in my bag. I have used it on my brows, although a bit on Nano blading (tiny tattoo hairs in the little gaps) has taken care of that now.  My brows look naturally thick again.

    Prescription Night Cream

    Tretinoin and Hydroquinone.See your dermatologist or an expert dermatology team offering prescription medicines to combat acne and fight ageing.  This is not a commercial product and is compounded for me by fusion.   Fusion, like Dermatica and probably many others, offer next day delivery.

    Desavery, Oil Cleanser

    Oil cleanser (about the only thing that removes Zinc sunscreen for me). I am new to face cleansing with oil but I am now converted. The smell is sublime, relaxing and perfect for a bedtime routine.
    Key Ingredients
    CAMELLIA SEED OIL  – softening and similar in structure to the natural oil in your skin, perfect for an oil cleanser.
    CASTOR SEED OIL – has a cleansing effect but also anti-inflammatory qualities so it soothes skin.
    ROSE/FRANKINCENSE and SPIKENARD – a combination of oils that will make you feel sleepy and relaxed when inhaled. 

    Tan-Luxe, The Face, Self Tan Drops

    I have tested a few self-tanners and there seems to be a Tan-Luxe product for everyone. Try one drop and increase when you know the strength/colour of the product on your skin.  Less is more.  Mix it with a moisturiser of some sort.  I moisturise my brows first so the colour doesn’t get trapped in the hair.  Also if you have white/grey hair it can colour it!

    Charlotte Tilbury

    Healthy Glow adapts to your skin as you apply it; it actually morphs to your natural skin tone for a natural-looking finish!


    Petrolatum locks in moisture so that by morning, dryness has disappeared. I use this over my Fusion cream if my skin is dry or irritated.

    Huda Beauty, Wishful Glow Enzyme Scrub

    Exfoliant – This is not on Dr Natalia’s list of products, but I like using it as an occasional, fine scrub.  It is very gentle and polishes the skin, resulting in a glowing complexion.

    Belle Brush

    I did not believe that any brush could do what this claims. IT CAN! Gobsmacked.
    Totally amazed.
    The bristles on The Belle Brush Original have been downsized from standard 1 millimeter to 0.6 millimeter and lengthened to 20mm. They’re the perfect length to brush through your hair thoroughly, without any damage. 
    While The Belle Brush is the perfect hair extension brush, it is also amazing for natural hair without extensions.

    Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour

    All-Over Miracle Oil
    My go to travel companion.  Easy to use, dry oil for hair, body and face. Three in one product.
    Versatile, iconic with a subtle, clean scent.

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