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    HLTH Code Complete Meal – A Review

    HLTH code products used by Caroline Labouchere

    As I sit here drinking my shake, I thought I would try to explain why I love this complete meal.

    Created by Dr. Ben Bikman (World-renowned ‘Fat Doctor’) and two of his seven brothers, HLTH Code is a remarkable offering.  This very well-informed team realised there was a gap in the market for a complete meal solution that was low in carbohydrates and high in protein and healthy fats. 

    A respected metabolic scientist and associate professor at Brigham Young University, Dr Bikman has used his knowledge of and frequent contributions to the latest nutritional and metabolic academia to formulate HLTH Code Complete Meal.  I have interviewed Dr. Bikman several times on Instagram and find his wisdom to be totally credible.   He was happy to explain the rationale of every ingredient.  As a layperson, he could have flummoxed me, but instead he had the patience to discuss and teach.  What’s in there has purpose!

    Honestly, I sometimes find it hard to think of what to eat.  I am not a breakfast person and early-on I’m neither hungry nor inspired to cook, so after my work-out a complete shake is a great solution.   I trust HLTH Code to have what I need.  

    And it is delicious.  Vanilla is my favourite – lucky, as I hardly get a look in with the only alternative, Chocolate.  My husband David devours that almost as soon as it arrives!

    Image provided by HLTH CODE

    I am yet to test the recipes on the site but, with the next delivery, I’m on it!  Go here to see what I shall be trying:

    My check list for optimal nutrition?

    • Prioritise Protein
    • Control Carbs
    • Use healthy fats
    • Fast intermittently, or at least control the times when you eat in every 24 hour period

    The Science (from my simple perspective)?

    • Protein powder alone does not give the optimal value of 1:1 protein:fat. HLTH Code has the ingredients to both repair muscle (protein is not fuel) and satiate (fat is fuel).
    • Consuming enough protein may decrease the risk of heart attack and coronary disease in women.
    • For women bone density is particularly important especially as we age.  Getting enough protein will help keep bones strong and minimise the density loss that comes with ageing.  Essentially you cannot eat too much.


    Contains Milk and Egg (as an omnivore I have no difficulty with any of this, but there will be those who prefer not to eat some ingredients).

    Use my code when ordering for a 15% discount on your first order: CAROLINE15

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    Mother of two grown-up children and wife, for…

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