Being beautiful on the inside makes you beautiful on the outside

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    Taped to the wall by the basin in my bathroom is a list that I put out to the Universe of all the things I desire. It says ‘Visit Max and Mum in the UK at least twice a year and I have already been back three times in five months!, More frequent visits to London remind me how much I like England. I love walking and I love the shopping and convenience. Is this a reaction to spending so much time in the modern metropolis of Dubai, where excess is normal and we drive everywhere? The byproduct of my renewed love of the old country is that, sadly, I’m no longer sure that I am ready to banish myself from the countryside of Ontario. Can you imagine my husband’s reaction? Twelve years of dreaming of the same goal and I think I must move the goalposts. We will work this out.

    This week has been filled with trepidation. Every spare thought I have is about the ‘Race to the Stones’. This coming Saturday 13th July I will be attempting to run 100kms with both my husband and son. My last Ultra was 56kms, it wasn’t a breeze but I was well trained and I enjoyed it. The humidity has been high and the temperatures uncomfortable so run quality has suffered and I am not as well trained. David (husband) has had some injuries and I feel his worry. We are not sharing the bad vibes too much.