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    Is Profhilo Worth it? Face and Hands

    Is Profhilo Worth it? Face and Hands - Caroline Labouchere

    Profhilo is the ‘acceptable injectable’. It targets dullness, lines, wrinkles and laxity. It has the highest amount of hyaluronic acid available in an injectable and is injected into 10 different points of the face (5 on each side).

    Hyaluronic acid has unrivalled moisturising properties when hydrating your skin, with just one gram holding up to 6 litres of water – And, over time, the treatment also boosts collagen and elastin – two key components of bouncy, plump skin. Profhilo results in rejuvenated skin.

    The hyaluronic acid solution starts to spread immediately after being administered into those injection sites, flowing evenly, integrating with the existing tissue in your skin.

    The hyaluronic acid remains in your skin for approximately 28 days, during which time it starts to stimulate the production of 4 kinds of collagen and elastin slowly and gradually.

    Again, because it does more than just puff out the skin, it is considered to be a bio remodelling treatment that rejuvenates the natural product of elasticity and collagen in the skin.

    My Hands Before the Treatment
    My hands before the profhilo treatment in September 2017
    September 2017 – Caroline Labouchere
    My hands before the profhilo treatment in April 2018
    April 2018 – Caroline Labouchere
    What are the cons of Profhilo?

    The results of Profhilo are subtle.  If you have more severe signs of ageing, like deep-set wrinkles and fine lines or sagging skin, it will require more than just Profhilo to get the results you want. 

    The 5 areas in each side of the face are in the lower and mid sections, it won’t have any impact on your brows or forehead. So, you may still need Botox to target those troublesome areas.

    Summary: is Profhilo Worth Getting?

    Yes, Profhilo is worth getting but you need to determine whether it is the best treatment option for your particular facial and skin goals. Profhilo works for any skin type and will improve the aesthetics of any face.  I have had this procedure twice over two years and do feel it makes a difference to my face.

    My face just at the inset of the profhilo treatment
    Up to date, 24th October 2021.  I do think the abarcode lines are better. I will be getting my neck done again because I am a believer and over time it will get better.

    As for my hands see below.  The day of and day after with some swelling they look better and this could be done for a special event if your hands were your issue.  I will do this again later this year and will report back. 

    This isn’t the result I had hoped for I will keep searching.

    Profhilo Session 1

    Is profhilo really worth it? yes My hands begin to see the changes
    June 2021
    Images of my hand after the first profhilo treatment 2021
    July 2021

    Profhilo Session 2

    Further changes to my hands after the profhilo treatment
    August 2021 – Caroline Labouchere
    Further changes to my hands after the profhilo treatment; It is really worth it
    October 2021 – Caroline Labouchere

     Ok, so I can hear you thinking there isn’t any change.

    That’s what I am thinking.  However, the day of and day after the swelling makes your hand look great so may be worth doing just for a special occasion. 

    I will try this again and take more pictures.  This definitely isn’t the go-to for ageing hands, I will research more.

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