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    Summer update – Desire, health & wellbeing, racing and general life

    Desire, health & wellbeing, racing and general life

    The year is passing so quickly!  Marching into June; Happy birthday to my Gemini and Cancer friends. 


    Taped to the wall by the basin in my bathroom is a list that I put out to the Universe of all the things I desire.  It says ‘Visit Max and Mum in the UK at least twice a year and I have already been back three times in five months! 

    Last night Max asked me what I would like in his fridge when I visit him.  This is EQ written large and I’m one proud Mumma.

    My list contains a few as yet unvisited countries too, and I can’t wait to see where fate will take me next. 

    More frequent visits to London remind me how much I like England. I love walking and I love the shopping and convenience.  Is this a reaction to spending so much time in the modern metropolis of Dubai, where excess is normal and we drive everywhere?  The byproduct of my renewed love of the old country is that, sadly, I’m no longer sure that I am ready to banish myself from the countryside of Ontario.  Can you imagine my husband’s reaction? Twelve years of dreaming of the same goal and I think I must move the goalposts. We will work this out.

    My most recent focus was participating as an ‘expert’ on a panel at the FitSummit in Munich. Having spent many happy years in Germany as an Army wife, the environment was familiar, but contributing rather than consuming was new to me.  It is exciting to be travelling so frequently and I’m flattered to be considered an expert.  I talked about me, my fitness and being happier than ever over 50.  I can do that; authenticity. 

    My health and wellness

    Despite plenty of daylight and vitamin D, my nails are particularly bad at the moment even with some supplementation.  Thyroid levels (a chronic issue) are level. Happy pills (Citalopram) keep me balanced.

    I was reminded this week that I am not yet post-menopause, I thought I was!  That was a bit of a shock.  Is it wrong to look forward to being beyond the cycle? I have sweats, but not as badly as about three years ago when I would find myself sitting in soaked clothing. 

    I tried PRP with filler recently and can report that for me it’s not as worthwhile as regular PRP (which was great and highly recommended).  Your own plasma is mixed with a fine filler and injected with a needle multiple times.  This is supposed to help with fine lines and general skin texture.  I thought I had escaped bruising but the doctor’s forecast was accurate and it took a good four days for the ensuing blue/black smudges to dissipate.  My skin is just settling down, weeks later.  I’m searching for the next option. 

    Until I hit 50 my eyes had never bothered me.  I was positively proud of my 20/20 vision.   Now I’m noticing a gradual degradation and I have reading glasses of +2.  The good news is that I like my ‘intelligent’ look!  I’m also discovering how balance and perception are affected by sight and can feel nauseous at times if I try to do long work with reading glasses on!  I’m looking into Lasik surgery.


    A month ago I ran my first Ultra Marathon (a marathon is 42km, this run was 56km).  My wonderful husband supported me as we travelled to Cape Town in South Africa to join a fun bunch of Dubai friends for the Two Oceans Ultra.  It was quite an experience.  It could have been exhausting but the energy from friends and other competitors coupled to the goodwill of hundreds of bystanders beats any tiredness.  I ran the ‘ups’ and walked ‘downs’ as my knees did not enjoy the impact of declines.  I now have two black, big toenails that I wear with pride (at least for now as they will, rather disconcertingly, fall off sometime soon).  I think I judged the pacing just right; I ran my fastest kilometre at the end and felt that I could have kept going. 

    The day after the race we had a blustery walk up Lions Head as Table Mountain was closed.  My advice post-racing is to keep moving so one doesn’t seize up… and if you are trekking up Lions Head don’t look down as some of the routes are really quite demanding for those with a slight fear of heights, like me!

    So, life in Dubai is now about training in the heat.  Last weekend I ran a 50km loop in the desert, with my husband and daughter, finishing in the middle of a hot morning with the mercury rising to 38.5degC!  Of course, it is not purely about silly long runs, we also try to keep a consistent daily run habit going using shorter distances, mostly slowly. 

    And finally

    Those that have known me for a while will remember that just a year ago I was a school receptionist.  Now, to keep in touch with old friends there, I am invigilating at that school in my spare time.  Oh, how I hated exams; I really feel for the boys and girls and the pressures of the modern examination culture.  I wouldn’t go back to school, as a student, for anything.

    Having decided on what I wouldn’t like to go back to, I am now happily looking forward.  Not to; wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, menopause, thinning hair, loss of fast-twitch muscles, loss of sight, but to; knowing who I am and why (my purpose), knowing exactly what I want, knowing what suits me, being comfortable in my own skin, caring and supporting, having time for myself and others, travelling off-peak and perhaps, if good manners prevail, having younger people give up their seat for me!

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    Mother of two grown-up children and wife, for nearly thirty years of a now retired, senior British Army officer. Modelling for the first time at the age of 53 she led a full-page campaign in eight editions of British Vogue, and in Tatler, Hello and White Magazines.

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