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    Sleep & Glow Pillow – An Honest Review

    Sleep & Glow Pillow - An Honest Review

    I’m completely sold on the whole idea, no morning wrinkles. I’m talking about the Sleep & Glow pillow. This isn’t an advertisement, I was sent this pillow and have been using it ever since. I can now recommend it to you. It came in a tiny box and I was expecting it to explode out of the box but it’s actually a very small pillow. When I saw the size I thought, this is not going to be enough, it may not be comfortable in comparison to my memory foam pillow which is bigger.

    No indentations, no wrinkles or crinkles

    I took my memory foam pillow to the physiotherapist to ask if it is too high and if it would allow my spine posture to be aligned correctly when I sleep on my side. He did say that it is too high for me but I kept using it for the lack of a better replacement. However, this Sleep & Glow pillow is perfect and you can decide whether you want to use the additional layer or not. The shape of this pillow is designed to support your face and it does just that. I use my satin slipcover over the white cover because I don’t want the white to get dirty.


    The curve and dips on both sides are called the face cradle for sleeping on your side. This works perfectly for me because I’m a side sleeper. This face cradle was perfect for my recent ear piercing, my ear lay clear of pressure. This also means no indentations, no wrinkles and that means waking up with perfect skin. There’s a zone 2 head positioning closer to these face cradle areas and it is firm to allow correct head and neck position.

    The middle portion of the pillow is perfect for sleeping on your back. The fourth feature is the head support, I swap it around sometimes because I like both sides. I think I’m right in saying that one side is deeper than the other, one side is wider and the other is narrower. That’s how it feels anyway.

    N.B. From Sleep and Glow

    This pillow has been developed in collaboration with orthopedists and cosmetologists and provides physiologically correct body position during sleep. The pillow lasts for 5 years, there’s a 30-night sleep trial and money-back guarantee. Aesthetic procedures and luxury creams cost much more and don’t last for 5 years. 

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