Being beautiful on the inside makes you beautiful on the outside

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    The biggest news is that my second video is live.

    I’m so excited to share the link to my channel.

    If you would like me to speak about anything in particular let me know. Please subscribe!

    Since my last update, I actually met Sabyasachi. Yes, the Universe worked overtime on this one. I’ll keep you updated. He is as charming and as handsome as I imagined he would be.

    I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome human Shamira Mitha, while at a shoot for Harper’s Bizarre Arabia. We have since had coffee a few times and joined forces with a mutual friend Shabana Karim, an inspiring businesswoman in her 60’s. The positivity, power and laughter that come from these meetings are contagious. We are working on sharing the love with you. If you have any ideas on how to gather friends from all over the world please let me know.

    My last commission was handed over and I’ll be moving onto the next one as soon as I’m back from LA.

    Did I mention I’m off to the States next week? I’m a panellist at an event in Napa at Hall Wines. What an extraordinary life my life has become. I love it.

    My run run club still continues but life seems to get in the way of people’s lives. Members are dipping in and out. I’m learning to deal with this. It is a huge part of my life. Staying fit and healthy and most importantly trim.

    Be it diet or fitness it must be a lifestyle that you can sustain.

    Did you know Apple have sessions most days? Be inspired by the staff. They teach well. Take your project and work on it in-store during studio hour (I call it Happy Hour). Or simply go to a session on how to use your phone. Your phone is so much more capable than we know! I cannot get enough of learning right now.

    Happy October to you. Much love and happiness


    Mother of two grown-up children and wife, for nearly thirty years of a now retired, senior British Army officer. Modelling for the first time at the age of 53 she led a full-page campaign in eight editions of British Vogue, and in Tatler, Hello and White Magazines.

    Mother of two grown-up children and wife, for…

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